Hello There,

My name is Sandy, and I am here to share my journey from grief to joy.

This is my blog, and if you allow my self-indulgence, I will reveal over time, my story of grief to recovery. I will share my most cherished family memories with you, and I will let you experience through my words, what it was like to live minute by minute.

As I go about the process of coming back into the land of the Living, I want to help others like myself who are struggling with grief to join me in overcoming the hurdles that they will endure.

I do try to learn from each conflict and bad experience I encounter.  I know that there is always a positive nugget hiding there in the weeds.

I hope my words will inspire you and help you get over whatever it is you are going through.

At the very least, I can promise you; Life is never DULL on Planet S!