Survivor’s Toolkit: Surviving Life’s Storms

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Have you ever felt insignificant, invisible, or insecure? Have you ever felt alone or lonely?  Every time I meet someone, and we get to talking, they share a story with me and tell me how they have feelings that they don’t count, they’re not seen or heard, and what they might have to say is not important. They feel isolated and alone. But you can still feel alone. Loneliness is a feeling I know too well and I almost let it kill me.

I want to share a little bit of my personal story with you and how I came back to the land of the living, tripping along a dangerous path that almost got me. I’ll share with you what brought me to that place of complete isolation and ultimately what brought me out of that darkness to become the champion that I know myself to be now.

My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer back on Dec 5, 2013. Eleven months later after my mom’s passing, my sister passed away from breast cancer back on Nov 28, 2014. Three months later after the passing of my sister, my Dad suffered a stroke and died on Feb 20, 2015. As you can imagine, I found myself in a very dark place wondering a hundred WHYS, over and over.

I had a heck of a time extricating myself out of that black hole I fell into. But inch by inch, through counseling, self-education, and a good mentor, I find myself ready to share my journey with you. I overcame the pain and suffering from my series of traumatic events to live a joyous life. There were some challenges during those quiet moments, but I learned how to live a purpose-driven life without my family. And now I’m here to help you do the same, not matter what your trauma or past is. I’m here to help you explore how to rise up as the champion of your life.

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