About Sandy Rocourt

about Sandy Rocourt

Turning Pain into Purposeful Existence

Hello, I’m Sandy Rocourt. I am a writer, workshop facilitator, and certified Mens Sana life coach.  

Like so many others, I used to be a walking doormat for others who could not see my true potential. After walking through fire, I no longer fit in the people-pleasing box. Now that I have overcome my own obstacles, my goal is to help others present their uniqueness and quality to the world. 

Being certified as a Mens Sana coach means being aware of one’s potential and acting on it.  Mens Sana is a Life in Balance program that guarantees a healthy mind in your personal and professional life. 

My greatest accomplishment is the work that I am currently doing in the pandemic. I have been able to successfully educate others on the importance of a healthy mind and help them discover the tools necessary for continued growth.

The work is hard; that is a fact. But my clients and I also share laughs and good times. My goal isn’t just to build you, and I also want to help you develop the confidence to build meaningful relationships with others.

 Whether you’re looking to make a significant change in your personal life or ready to open to a leadership role, I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your productive potential and tap into the most profound wisdom within you.


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