About Sandy Rocourt

about Sandy Rocourt
Turning tragedy, loss & heartbreak into the fuel needed to rebuild and become a champion.

I’ve made it my life’s work to give people the tools to recover from tragedy, stand up after setbacks, and learn how to live, love, and dream again.

I’m proud to be a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach from the Robbins-Madanes Training Program and have worked with Tony Robbins firsthand. I help my clients achieve amazing progress in their life through deeper happiness, stronger relationships, and the ability to fulfill their dreams and goals.

I understand the pain of tragedy firsthand. I know how hard it is to be dealt the pain of loss, to find the strength to keep moving, only to have another tragedy hit.  I have been in the middle of a storm, with life hurling everything it could at me, and I was down, unable to get back up.

In December of 2013, my mother passed away. We were so close, and the grief I felt when I lost her was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  It was a physical pain that tore at my heart, but I wasn’t alone in my mourning.  Until her passing, my parents had been married nearly 50 years – It was a good 50 years, too.  Their marriage was one unit, built on love, respect, and trust, and my father took the loss harder than I did.

My sister passed away in November of 2014, just 11 months after we buried our mother. I tried to find solace and comfort in knowing she was with Mom, but I couldn’t. I lost my mother, I lost my sister, but I had to be strong for my father. He was retired, alone. We both were alone, but the grief was too much for him, and it took too much of a toll on his health. A few months later, February 2015, my father passed away, too.

In just 14 months, my world had collapsed. My mom was gone, my sister was gone, my dad was gone. Friends and family distanced themselves, even my best friend of 15 years had left me alone. This was when I was knocked down, and, hand on my heart, I did not think I could get back up.

I need to get real with you, sometimes I felt too tired to keep going, to stay afloat. But as I was hitting my lowest, fate intervened at the best possible time. I discovered the strength within myself to stand up and move forward. I dusted off my sister’s self-help library – and I read every book, which led me to Tony Robbins.

I was guided to discover the Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins. It changed my life in ways I didn’t think I’d ever experience again!  I never imagined that I’d be the woman to WALK ON FIRE! This amazing event led me to discover my true passion, change my destiny, and fully embrace my purpose.

Let me say that again.
I was in charge of unleashing my power!

I learned that yes, I had been dealt tragedy, and yes, it was the hardest thing I’d ever go through, but that tragedy wasn’t the end of my story. I learned that the decisions I made, from that moment forward, had the power to shape the rest of my life.

For nearly two years, I thought God had abandoned me, but he hadn’t, I just didn’t dig deep enough into my spirit and into my strength to discover that He was with me all along! With the Higher Spirit beside me, I wasn’t alone anymore!

With my hope restored, I knew I wasn’t the only one who had been through grief and hardship, and that led me to my purpose: Helping those who are hurting find their own resilience, embrace the life that is waiting, and achieve their dreams.


Survivor’s Toolkit: Surviving Life’s Storms