Speaker.  Author.  Coach.

Sandy Rocourt

Building a Tribe of Togetherness

  • BS Degree in Marketing
  • Distinguished Toastmasters – DTM
  • Graduate Alumni – Heroic Public Speaking
  • Certified with the Robbins – Madanes Life Coaching Program
  • Speaker, Creative Writer, Transformational Communication Consultant
  • Contributor for Thrive Global
  • Certified in Mental Health First Aid
  • NAMI NYC Ambassador

Speaking Topics

  • Thriving Through Tragedy and Becoming a Life Champion
  • How Social Media Sparks Loneliness and Affects Your Life
  • 5 Essential Steps to Mastering Emotional Intelligence so You Can Excel in Social Situations
  • How to Use Empathy to Build Relationships and Connections


  • Millennials to Generation X – males and females who are corporate executives dealing with social pain that affects loneliness.
  •  Students from ages 10+ that are suffering from low self-esteem and learning how to adapt to change
  • Corporate executives, CEO’s Senior Technology Leaders, Digital Marketing Executives biggest issue they face in their roles not having anyone to confide.
  • Elementary, High School, and College students facing dilemmas of transitional loneliness as he/she is suffering through social anxiety.


  • I offer the audience a powerful experience that shifts their thinking and focus on how they want to show up in their work and life.
  • Fire up their passions and ignite their purpose.
  • Discover and believe something new about their inner champion
  • Drop the battle with painful thoughts, emotions, and sensations.
  • Learn to stop avoiding stressors and how to integrate the 3G approach of growth, goodwill, and greatness
  • Learn to live a life with risks and an attitude of faith
  • Turn life’s storms into opportunities to uncover your inner strength and become a champion of life.
  • Create human connections that are a safe space to reveal your emotional ups and downs.  To be a champion believe in yourself when no one else will.
  • Assess your own level of need for social interactions. There is no concern if you are comfortable with your allotted alone time.