Your whole life lies in front of you…Ready to fully embrace your potential and finally exceed even your biggest dream?

Beneath your pain and behind your tears,you still have those dreams.

You still find yourself longing for a life filled with…

Loving relationships

You want to grow and nurture relationships with friends, family you’ve grown apart from, and even open your heart to romance again.

Career successes

You still feel that spark of ambition inside of you, and you want to have something to show for your hard work and intelligence.


You want to walk with your head high and your back straight, knowing you’re strong, beautiful, and can handle anything.


You would love to feel a higher power speaking to your soul again, lifting you up, and giving you the inner guidance to move forward in life.


You know hardships come in life, and you want to be able to reach inside yourself to come through the hardships with your heart and spirit strong.


You want to see a colorful world again, feel the warmth of the sunlight, and find beauty in everyday things around you.


You want to look ahead with excitement and hope, you want to smile with ease, you want to look around at the world and see the good in people again.

But you’re not in a place where you can feel all of the positive emotions, the joy, and the beauty of life.

You’re being held back by —

  • Loneliness…You feel lost and adrift, waking up alone, going to bed alone. Even when you’re surrounded by people, you still struggle with feelings of isolation.
  • Self-doubt…That voice inside of you is always negative, telling you that you’re not good enough, you can’t do it. The limiting beliefs that play in your head have destroyed your confidence.
  • Disappointment…You’ve been lifted up in the past, only to be let down again. Everything that was supposed to be good in your life has let you down, and now you can’t get back up again. You can’t handle another disappointment.
  • Inability to trust…You’ve let yourself be vulnerable only to get hurt. Maybe it was once, maybe it was over and over, but the scars have left you unable to open yourself up to let anyone into your life and your heart.
  • Pain…The emotional pain and mental pain is leaving scars just like a physical injury, they just aren’t visible to everyone else and there’s no medicine to make them heal.
  • Sorrow…You feel heavy with sadness and unable to look to the future because you are stuck feeling the sorrow from the past.
  • Loss…You have lost your friends, your family, your partner, and you don’t know how to move forward and reconnect with the people you love and rekindle those relationships.
  • Exhaustion…The weight of your troubles, the stress, the isolation, it’s exhausting, and you feel it harming your health.
I want you to know that there IS hope and there is a life filled with joy after the storm! There is a beautiful world waiting for you, and I know you have it in you to discover it!

Join me in

Finding Your Resilience!


Hello, I’m Sandy Rocourt, and I am a Resilience Life Coach. 

I’ve made it my life’s work to give people the tools to recover from tragedy, stand up after setbacks, and learn how to live, love, and dream again. I help others go from a place of grief and pain and walk with them on a journey to joy, hope, and resilience!

I’m proud to be a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach from the Robbins-Madanes Training Program and have worked with Tony Robbins first hand! This intensive program provided me with the skills to help my clients achieve amazing progress in their life through deeper happiness, stronger relationships, and the ability to fulfill their dreams and goals. I’ve completed Marie Forleo’s B-School, and I strive to learn all that I can to help people overcome grief and discover their amazing resilience!

Why have I devoted my life and career to helping people find their resilience and reset their lives after a tragedy or a struggle?

Because I understand the pain of tragedy firsthand. I know how hard it is to be dealt the pain of loss, to find the strength to keep moving, only to have another tragedy hit.  I have been in the middle of a storm, with life hurling everything it could at me, and I was down, unable to get back up.  Didn’t want to get back up…

See, in December of 2013, my mother passed away. Of course, I was heartbroken. I was a Mama’s Girl.  We were so close, and the grief I felt when I lost her was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  It was a physical pain that tore at my heart, but I wasn’t alone in my mourning.  Until her passing, my parents had been married nearly 50 years – It was a good 50 years, too.  Their marriage was one unit, built on love, respect, and trust, and my father took the loss harder than I did.

I was able to stand up after the grief knocked me down because I had to be strong for my father.  Through the ashes of pain came the beauty of learning how to cope.

My sister and I hadn’t been close growing up or in adulthood – I came to find out she was jealous of how close I was with our mom. She knew mom loved her, too, but the jealousy ate away at her.

Sadly, our time wasn’t long enough. My sister passed away in November of 2014, just 11 months after we buried our mother. I tried to find solace and comfort in knowing she was with Mom, but I couldn’t.  Losing her hit me doubly hard, and again, I was knocked flat. We didn’t have the closest relationships, and so, I was left with no closure.

Over the past year, I saw that family and friends, they were around less and less after Mom passed away. I couldn’t understand why. I reached out, I wanted to be with them, but phone calls and texts were unanswered and unreturned. Then, when my sister died, it felt like everyone left my side, except for my best friend.

I wanted to stay down this time. I lost my mother, I lost my sister, but I had to be strong for my father. He was retired, alone. We both were alone, but the grief was too much for him, and it took too much of a toll on his health. A few months later, February 2015, my father passed away, too.

At first, friends and family came by, and I hoped to have love and relationships in my life after the pain of so much loss. Sadly, these people just wanted to see what was in my father’s will. He’d worked hard and saved all his life, and everyone knew that. They wanted the gold at the end of the sorrow.  So, they wanted to see if there was anything for them, and if there wasn’t, they disappeared.

In just 14 months, my world had collapsed. My mom was gone, my sister was gone, my dad was gone. Friends and family distanced themselves, even my best friend of 15 years had left me alone. This was when I was knocked down, and, hand on my heart, I did not think I could get back up.

If it weren’t for two earth angels, my doctor and my father’s lawyer, who looked out for me – I don’t know where I’d be.

For over 14 months the storm raged around me. Pain, grief, loss, loneliness, all those things and more – I lost hope, I lost my confidence, I lost my sense of self. It was like I was lost at sea, barely staying afloat, drifting farther away from joy, love, light, everything that made life beautiful.

I need to get real with you, sometimes I felt too tired to keep going, to stay afloat. But as I was hitting my lowest, fate intervened at the best possible time. I discovered the strength within myself to stand up and move forward. I dusted off my sister’s self-help library – and I read every book, which led me to Tony Robbins.

At first, all I could do was just get my feet under me, and I was guided to discover the Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins. It changed my life in ways I didn’t think I’d ever experience again!  I never imagined that I’d be the woman to WALK ON FIRE! This amazing event led me to discover my true passion, change my destiny, and fully embrace my purpose.

Let me say that again.
I was in charge of unleashing my power!

I learned that yes, I had been dealt tragedy, and yes, it was the hardest thing I’d ever go through, but that tragedy wasn’t the end of my story. I learned that the decisions I made, from that moment forward, had the power to shape the rest of my life.

Unleash the Power Within gave me the strength to not only keep going but to step into my destiny!  I learned how to create goals to get unstuck from my rut and move forward. I discovered how to make decisions that would move me closer to my goals and allow me to achieve the dreams I finally allowed myself to have.

For nearly two years, I thought God had abandoned me, but he hadn’t, I just didn’t dig deep enough into my spirit and into my strength to discover that He was with me all along! With the Higher Spirit beside me, I wasn’t alone anymore!

With my hope restored, I knew I wasn’t the only one who had been through grief and hardship, and that led me to my purpose: Helping those who are hurting find their own resilience, embrace the life that is waiting, and achieve their dreams!

↠ I want to help you discover the destiny that is yours for the taking!

↠ I want to help you release the grief, anger, and pain that is holding you back from experiencing joy, peace, and love in your life!

↠ I want to walk with you through the storm until you come out the other side to your rainbow!

With Finding Your Resilience, I give you the tools you need to overcome the setbacks and tragedy, and together, we set out to create who you are and who you want to be!

By working with me, we can transform your life! Imagine having the opportunity to turn it all around…

  • Overcome the obstacles and roadblocks in your path, and find your way to move forward!
  • Regain your sense of self, your confidence, and who you truly are!
  • Understand how truly strong you are and how the power to be whomever you want lies within you!
  • Have clarity in your reason for being on this earth and how you want to live your life!
  • Look at the world with positivity, and see the beauty around you!
  • Open your heart to love and create long-lasting, healthy relationships!
  • Step out of anxiety and fear and give yourself the opportunity to meet friends and people who will love you for who you are!
  • Have the strength and the confidence in you to pick yourself up if you experience a setback or an unexpected change in plans!
  • Rediscover your dreams and set out to achieve them!

You don’t have to live with sorrow, pain, and grief.

You don’t have to feel stuck, unable to move out of your UN-comfort zone!

Together, we can make amazing things happen in your life, and the happiness and joy you deserve can be yours!

You may be thinking, “Sandy, I haven’t had tragedies in my life.  I had a hard time with a break up, but everyone keeps telling me to get over it.  I should be able to get over this on my own.”

Here’s the thing you need to understand about tragedies and hardships.  There’s not a checklist of what qualifies.  Whether it’s a job loss, a divorce, a foreclosure, or the loss of a loved one, those are all horrible events that can cause long-term emotional pain and struggle.  No matter what the event was that left you with your loneliness, your heartache, and your disappointment; no matter what experience left you unable to trust or be vulnerable with others, your grief and sense of loss is valid.

I understand loss because I went through so much pain on my own.  I’ve been in the trenches of pain and sorrow, and I dug my way out, but it was hard!  I understand that you can’t just “get over” an event that shakes you to your core.  The only way you can recover is through your own ability, and that’s why finding your resilience is so necessary to finding your joy in life!

That’s why I want to work with you, to help you dig deep within yourself and reveal the resilience within you.  I provide intensive, one-on-one coaching that is personalized to your unique needs and experiences.  I know that a one-size-fits-all strategy does not work to overcome personal hardships, loss, and obstacles, but I do guide you through specific themes that I find help all of my clients.

One-on-One Coaching

For clients seeking in-depth, compassionate, resilience training, I provide the one-on-one coaching that helps provide you with solutions to get you through the darkness in your life.

By working with me, I provide you with:

  • Weekly, 60-minute private meetings via online conferencing
  • Access to in-depth action plans so you can empower yourself to overcome your obstacles in a manageable way that won’t lead to stress or overwhelm
  • Accessibility through email and Voxer (a free instant messaging application that allows both voice and text-based contact) throughout our coaching relationship

I want you to know that I understand what you’ve been through.  Those tragedies, shake-ups, and setbacks that blindsided you have left you doubting your place in the world.  You’ve shut yourself away from your loved ones, your ability to trust others is shattered, and you simply feel broken inside.

I feel the pain that resonates through you because I’ve had that same pain.  But let me assure you that there is still hope.  You are so much stronger than you believe you are, and deep down inside, there is a steel core of resilience.  You have that inside of you, and as soon as you discover how resilient you are, you can rise up from sorrow, tragedy, disappointment, and anger.

Imagine what life will look like once you tap into the resiliency that lies deep within you!

Take a moment and imagine…

  • You are the one in charge of your destiny. You will never be disappointed in life or outcomes in your life because you are in control and are the one affecting the changes!
  • You can look at the world, the future, and everything around you with positivity. Instead of the cynicism, bitterness, and negativity that casts a shadow over everything around you, imagine looking forward to a new day, meeting new people, and truly feeling excited about what lies ahead!
  • You know exactly what your life is meant to look like, and you know exactly what your role in the world is meant to be. Imagine knowing your true reason for being that is centered around your values, your empowering beliefs, and your dreams!
  • You understand the necessity of making your needs a priority in your life. For too long, you’ve brushed aside self-care, but now you see the joy in treating yourself with grace, compassion, and love so you can be in your best place physically, mentally, and emotionally!
  • You have the strength to plan ahead, make goals, and work toward your dreams. Even if something unexpected happens, you can work through it.  You have learned the coping mechanisms and you know you have the resilience to overcome anything life throws at you!
  • You have developed strong bonds and relationships with people you love. You have built a support network of your people who love you and have your back.  These are people you trust completely and you can love them freely, without strings attached, knowing they’ll stick with you!

This can be the life ahead of you if you are willing to look inside yourself and allow me to help you find the resilience that is waiting inside you! 

Sandy has a unique ability to connect with others due to her abundance of compassion, insight, and intelligence. I always learn when I spend time with her, and I fully endorse her abilities and skill as a coach, writer, and fellow human being.


Jacqueline Harounian

New York Super Lawyer Women in Law

Sandy is more than a coach, she’s a friend. Her listening ear, caring guidance, and honest approach is hard to put into words. She’s a mentor who’s lived through pain, been there, and here to help us all come through to the other side from trauma to triumph. I’m blessed to know Sandy and have her in my circle of people I can trust. If you’re on the fence, take the leap of faith because Sandy will be there to catch and lift you up until your life is everything you want it to be!


Many life coaches may have credentials similar to mine.  These coaches and guides who have worked with, and are certified by, leading coaches, including Tony Robbins charge thousands of dollars per hour for personalized coaching.  However, I want anyone who is interested in Finding Your Resilience to have it available to them.  I don’t want money or affordability to hold you back from getting the help you need.  

You can now have 16 weeks of Finding Your Resilience with weekly meetings, Resilience Resources, and email and instant messaging support!

If you are ready to release the pain, sorrow, and struggle that is holding you captive in your life and claim your empowering destiny that lies ahead, then schedule a breakthrough call today!  We can discuss your needs and get to know one another.  If we agree to work with one another, I can get started personalizing your experience and planning our sessions!

 You may be asking yourself what makes my sessions different, or what I can provide that you can’t get out of a book.  I want you to know that I personalize my sessions to work directly with you instead of just creating a generic guide or program.

More importantly, I’ve been where you are.  I’ve had to learn how to work through tragedy in my life again and again, and I understand how to help others find the strength to rise once more.

My promise to you…

If you are willing to open your heart, be honest and real with me, and more importantly with yourself, I can give you the guidance you need to rise from the ashes of sorrow, loneliness, and desperation so you can embrace the beauty of life!

Sadly, not everyone who needs strength and guidance is ready for Finding your Resilience

You might not be ready for this experience…

  • If you aren’t ready to make a change in your life.
  • If you aren’t willing to invest your time, your heart, or your effort into creating a future that brings you fulfillment and joy.
  • If you don’t believe you deserve to experience hope and happiness.
  • If you feel that there is nothing you can do to change your mindset or discover your true self.

On the other hand, if you can say yes to just one of these…

  • You’ve been knocked down by the storms of life, but you’re ready to stand up. You just need a hand!
  • You know your purpose is waiting for you, you just need to discover it!
  • You are ready to embrace your future instead of avoiding it!
  • You want to step out of the darkness and feel the light on your spirit!
  • You want to let family and friends back into your life and begin building healthy, thriving, supportive relationships again!
  • You are willing to take that first step toward making a change for yourself, prioritizing your own needs, and acknowledging that you deserve to be happy!

Then Finding your Resilience is the solution you need to create the life you have been longing for!

I know you’re feeling stuck, scared, and you struggle with your confidence.  Those feelings are what’s holding you back from making this choice that will open up your entire life to the possibilities of joy, fulfillment, and beautiful intention.  So, I want to get a little real with you, if you decide to say no to Finding Your Resilience, look forward to one year from now…

 Saying no to Finding Your Resilience now means that in one year you will be:

  • Stuck in the same place you are now, knocked flat and finding it even harder to rise up from a place of pain, obstacles, difficulty and tragedy.
  • Suffering from deep loneliness and unable to reconnect with your friends and loved ones and continuing to push them away.
  • Feeling bitter at the way life has turned out – it wasn’t supposed to be painful like this, and you haven’t been able to fix it on your own.
  • Struggling with your health problems and chronic conditions that are caused by long-term stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Continuing to feel hopeless and lost without any sense of direction or intention in your life.

 Don’t let that become a reality! 

Say YES to your true destiny, and say YES to making your happiness and joy a priority in your life!

Got a question?

What is a resilience life coach?

A resilience life coach is someone with the training and knowledge to help you discover your inner strength and tap into your resilience.  Resilience is what allows you to move forward after difficulties in life, and my purpose is to help you discover the resilience you need to overcome those difficulties, cast aside the pain of tragedy, and accept the joy and hope you deserve.

How soon will I experience the benefits from working with you?

The moment you begin implementing the coping methods and strategies we create, you will begin to see incredible changes in your mindset and your life.  If you are willing to take the guidance I provide and put it into action, you will begin to move forward, out of a place of darkness and pain, and into the light!

Do you do in-person meetings or are they online?

In order to reach people all across the country, I provide one-on-one meetings through Zoom, a free, online video conferencing app!

Do you offer refunds?

No, I don’t offer refunds.  In order to make sure we are a right fit to work together and you are ready to embrace your future, we have an in-depth consultation before you get started with resilience life coaching.  I want you to be wholly invested in creating your destiny!

Do you work with everyone who you have a consultation call with?

The short answer, no. I want to work with all types of people who need to find their resilience.  However, the consultation call allows me to determine if the person is a right fit for Finding Your Resilience.  Also, some people work better with specific types of coaches, and it’s important to see if we are compatible before working so closely together.

How can I benefit from resilience life coaching?

If you have experienced loss, betrayal, tragedy, or hardship, moving forward and healing is often difficult.  Resilience life coaching provides you with the coping methods, strategies, and guidance you need to heal from emotional pain. I can help you to not only move forward but move in a direction that will allow you to achieve dreams and goals and create the life you deserve.

What’s the difference between resilience life coaching and therapy?

While both professions have a goal of helping clients overcome difficulties, a life coach provides you with more impactful strategies you can implement immediately.  Where a therapist looks more at the past to determine your direction, a life coach is present and future-oriented to help you create the life you desire.

Is there a limit to how long Finding Your Resilience Lasts?

If, at the end of 16 weeks, you feel additional guidance will help you continue on your journey, we can absolutely continue working together!

If I am having a difficult time in between sessions, are you available?

Absolutely.  I provide support both through email and through Voxer.  Voxer is a free instant messaging application where you can send both voice and text messages.  I’m happy to respond to you during business hours!

Join me in

Finding Your Resilience!